Blueberry Barque Chips from Highland Organics®

If you are looking for a pure, 100% real fruit snack with only 1 ingredient,

check out our crunchy, sweet blueberry treat.....  

Organic and Wild Maine 

Blueberry Barque Chips.  

Bet you can't eat just one! 

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Click on the link to learn more about 10 Proven Health Benefits of Blueberries

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Enjoy our "Taste of Wild Maine"® with confidence.

Our products are ORGANIC AND WILD MAINE!  Our sweet blueberry fruit is harvested at the peak of summer and then we dehydrate it to a yummy blueberry treat. We do not use sweeteners, sulfates, oils or preservatives in either our dehydrated blueberry products or our amazing tea blends.  

Click here for our product brochure.  Check out our MOFGA Certification.

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