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Our Organic Wild Maine Blueberry Tea Bag Blends

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Our Organic Wild Maine Blueberry Tea also know as "Sipping Blue Tea" is made right here in Stockton Springs, ME with our organic wild Maine blueberries and our hand harvested organic wild Maine blueberry leaves.  Our Blueberry tea bags can be multi-steeped or enjoyed hot or cold.  Our teas are a "Taste of Wild Maine".

All our teas, or "tisanes", are naturally caffeine-free,

except for our NEW Blue Green Matcha Tea.


Be sure to check out our MOFGA Certification too!

We are phasing out the white, heat seal-able tea bags and will be introducing our NEW Drawstring Paper Tea Bags that are more Eco-friendly into our line of hand filled, small-batch crafted teas.  All new tea bags will have a sticker on the front of the packaging that say, "NEW drawstring Tea Bags ~inside~" if you are receiving the new tea bags.  We asked for 20 volunteer tea bag testers to try them out and tell us what they thought.  They LOVED them, and so do we!


Here's what a few of them had to say about the NEW Drawstring Paper Tea Bags!  


  • Kathy K., from Stockton Springs, ME said, "Thank you for granting me the experience of being one of your testers. While sipping your wonderful tea, I performed my tea bag comparison resulting in the following:  While the existing bag was flatter, the bag itself felt thicker and appeared to be heavier than the new one. I did not experience any loose tea spillage from either bag nor was there any leakage during tea steeping. I  also did not detect any difference in flavor from either bag. After usage, I compared the bags again and noted that the new bag felt more natural while the existing bag had a plastic or slick feel to it.  The new bag has a string which enables easier removal of the bag after steeping versus having to use a spoon or burning ones fingers.  Overall, my preference is definitely the new tea bag. It appears to be more natural before and after usage and the string provides for easier handling after steeping. Also, having the option to use the tea as a loose tea is a plus."  Thank YOU Kathy for this thorough review!  We appreciate you sharing with us your experience.

  • Brenda M. from Maine said, "I would love to let you know that I recently tried your Blueberry tea in your string tea bag.  I must say I love it.  There were no tea leaf outside of the bag.  The flavor of the tea is all I taste.  The string bag is well put together.  Thank you letting me try it." Thank you Brenda!  We loved the pictures you sent too!

  • Donna from Auburn, ME said, "Hi there! Got my tea bag samples in the mail the other day.  The loose tea did not come out of either bag. The tea stayed in the bag when putting the boiled water in the cup. I liked the new string bag as I have an option. If I am on the run and want to take a cup of tea with me I can or if I am just at home and want to make a pot of tea to enjoy while reading a good book I can. The tea was delicious too.   Thank you again for letting me be one of the tasters."  Happy Dances All Around!! Thank you Donna for being a part of our tea-m!

  • Debi LeLievre Gray, from Waltham, MA said, "Hi Theresa, So I've had the opportunity to evaluate both of your tea bags. ~ When I received the bags, there was no loose tea out of the bags. ~ No product seeped out of the bag while steeping the tea in boiled water. ~ I liked the look of the new bag, and I taste only the tea. ~ I like both tea bags, however I'd prefer using the new one. ~ And of course the tea was delicious!"  This is what we were hoping for! Thank you Debi for sharing your comments with us and with your followers!

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