Ginger Blues Tea, By the Ounce


Ginger Blues. The ginger in this tea just kicked the blueberries up a notch! Steep a cup, sit back and enjoy as this cup belts out some blues to all you serious ginger lovers out there. This is a must try tea if you love blueberries and ginger!  Order this one by the ounce.

  • Ingredients:

    3 real & pure organic ingredients:  organic wild Maine blueberries, organic wild Maine blueberry leaves, organic ginger root - this tisane is naturally caffeine free

    1 ounce can make about 7 cups of tea according to the steeping instructions.

    Always Organic | Wild Maine | Small-Batch Crafted | No Artificial Flavors | NO Natural Additives | Real & Pure | No Sugars Added | No Preservatives

  • Description:

    Our blueberry tea has a lot going for it. It is made with our organic wild Maine blueberries that are harvested in the peak of summer for their sweetness. Then we puree and dehydrate them to preserve that sweet summer taste. In the fall, we hand harvest our organic wild Maine blueberry leaves when they turn a crimson red color, which means that they are at the peak of their antioxidants. We combine the fruit and the leaves together to make the first-ever Organic Whole Plant Wild Maine Blueberry Tea. It is the real taste of wild Maine in every blueberry and then we added an organic Ginger! Customer favorite!! And ours too!

  • Steeping Instructions:

    Start with 1 teaspoon and 8 oz of boiling water, let steep in a french press or steeping basket/ball/bag for 10 minutes.  We suggest that when you finish that cup, steep it again with 8 more oz of boiling water.  Keep doing this until you have no more color or flavor.  Enjoy our teas hot or cold.  

  • Packaging options

    Regular Packaging:  This is a food grade plastic bag that is airtight, standup pouch with zip top.  This bag can be reused.


    Biodegradable Cellophane:  This is a wood product.  We LOVE that it is biodegradable and compostable.  However, this is not a good long term packaging option.  Once you receive our teas, please transfer to an airtight container and keep tea out of the heat & light.  Best to keep tea airtight and in the refrigerator if storing.

Maine Made Label

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