Squeeze-Me Chaga Tea Tin


Squeeze-Me Chaga is our organic wild Maine harvested chaga and organic lemon peel enhanced with an organic lemon essential oil for added taste. Organic Wild Maine Harvested Chaga, meet Lemon-Lemon!! This is an amazing tea with a delightful lemony taste! Enjoy this one hot or cold!  Now in 2 tin sizes!

  • Ingredients:

    organic wild harvested chaga, organic lemon peel with organic lemon essential oil - naturally caffeine free
    Net Wt. per small tea tin .71oz/20g

    Net Wt. per square tea tin 3oz/85g

  • Description:

    Organic Wild Maine Harvested Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is an amazing birch polypore fungus or mushroom that we call a forest herb because it is so nutrient dense and antioxidant rich.

    We harvest our Chaga sustainably (meaning: when we are out of chaga, we are temporarily out until we harvest again) and ethically (meaning: we will never harm or destroy a tree to harvest chaga) and we only harvest from healthy, living birch trees here in Maine on land that we have been given permission to harvest from and am able to verify as organically certified land approved by MOFGA). We only harvest when the sap is not flowing in the trees. It is important to us that we dry the chaga as soon as it is harvested. We hand grind the organic wild harvested chaga for our tea bags when we need it, providing you with the freshest product possible.

  • Steeping Instructions:

    Start with 1 teaspoon and 8 oz of boiling water, let steep in a french press or steeping basket/ball/bag for 10 minutes. We suggest that when you finish that cup, steep it again with 8 more oz of boiling water. Keep doing this until you have no more color or flavor. Enjoy our teas hot or cold.

Maine Made Label

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