Blueberry Leaf Tea Tin

The 2018 harvest is in and we are back in stock until next years harvest!! 
This square, see-through top, tin holds 1 ounce of Organic Wild Maine Blueberry Leaf only Tea, (no blueberry fruit in this tea). This tin is reusable and recycable. 1 ounce of Wild Leaf Tea can make about 25 cups of tea when used according to the steeping instruction. That's only $1.00 a cup of the most antioxidant tea we offer! Enjoy our "Taste of Wild Maine"®! Serving our customers our Wild Leaf Tea since 2008. **Lab tested for quality assurance.**
  • Ingredients

    100% organic wild Maine blueberry leaves

    1 ounce/28.4g of tea can make about 25 cups of tea when made according to the steeping instructions.  Enjoy our "Taste of Wild Maine"® for only $0.88 cup!  This is our most antioxidant tea we offer.

  • Description

    We hand harvest our wild Maine blueberry leaves in the fall when the leaves have more anthocyanins, or antioxidants, in them.  All green, yellow or red blueberry leaves have levels of antioxidants, but we go for the crimson red leaves which occur only in the fall.  In our research we learned that the blueberry leaves had more antioxidants than the fruit!  Click on link to learn more!

  • Steeping Instructions

    Boil 8 oz of water and steep 1 teaspoon or 1gram of the loose leaf tea in a tea bag, tea ball, or french press for 10 minutes.  1 ounce/28.4g of tea can make about 25 cups of tea.  Enjoy our "Taste of Wild Maine"® for just $0.88 a cup when made according to the instructions.

Maine Made Label

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